Ready. Set. Grow!

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Ready. Set. Grow!

Your aspirations need to be nourished if you want them to survive.

I don’t garden . . . yet. I often think about growing a garden, but then I never follow through with it. 

There’s a reason I don’t garden though. I’ve convinced myself that I shouldn’t. I tell myself things like, “I don’t know how to garden,” “I don’t have time to garden,” “gardens are expensive,” and my ultimate reason, “no matter how much time I spend on my garden, it’s eventually going to die.”

With reasons like that, it makes sense why I don’t garden, right?  

I tried to keep a cilantro plant in my kitchen window sill once, but it only survived for a few weeks because I didn’t take proper care of it. 

I should probably give up my dream of becoming a master gardener, right?

Wrong! Because I want a freaking garden! 

I envy people who grow luscious plants, tend beautiful flowers, and harvest delicious, edible vegetables. I want to be one of those people! I want to enjoy a garden of my own. But I lie to myself, I make excuses, I don’t try because I’m afraid to fail, and I don’t want to waste my time, energy and money on something that I am not actually good at . . . yet.  

I secretly want a garden, but I won’t put in the effort to grow one. 

As a Personal Legacy Advisor (PLA), I have clients that share similar stories with me all the time. I hear things like:

“I want a good job, but there aren’t any good jobs out there.”

“I want to have a better relationship with my daughter, but I don’t know how to talk to her.” 

“I want to run for political office, but I’m scared to put myself out there and be criticized.”

Do you hear it?  These are people’s inner desires.  These are people who WANT Something More. Something Different. Something Better. BUT obstacles and excuses are holding them back. 

Here’s the truth of the matter: You are never going to get what you want if you don’t ACCEPT THE FACT that you actually want it. Your life isn’t going to change unless you choose to change it. It’s going to take intentional effort to get the job, relationship, and fulfillment that you’re longing for. You’ve got to own your personal obstacles and find a way around them. 

I’m not going to become a master gardener overnight. I know that for a fact! But I must start somewhere. To begin, I must admit that I want a garden. I need to decide what kind of garden I want to grow.  I should start small, so I don’t overwhelm myself and get discouraged. I will seek out some knowledge and expertise, make a plan, and plant some seeds. 

I must start as a novice gardener and master it over time.

We all have things we want in life, but we don’t always have what we need – the knowledge, confidence or encouragement – to pursue those things.

If you feel a longing for something more, something different, or something better, schedule a FREE 30-minute Session with a Personal Legacy Advisor.  Our advisor will help you explore your aspirations and identify your personal obstacles so that you can achieve what you truly want out of life.   

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